Wireless Printer

Wireless Printer

It’s a claim that I believe will come true. Just like now we essentially have portable computers that can access the internet (laptops) it seems clear to be that the exact same will happen of desktop printers, and there are a good number of critical reasons for this.

Convenience. We’re a convenience based society, and a lot of what we buy and the decisions we make are based on one thing – what’s easiest for us. I know one annoying thing that isn’t easy, having to transfer the work you need printing onto a USB stick, going to the computer with the regular printer attached. Transferring the data from the memory stick onto the computer and then finally getting to print what you wanted. That’s assuming they’re connected of course, if not you’re going to have a rather annoying searching for the connecting cables.

On the other hand a wireless portable printer is wireless in the sense that it can be connect to wireless networks – either at home, at work or on the move. Not only this, but it also has Bluetooth wireless capabilities, so even if you don’t have a wireless network, as long as your laptop/smartphone has Bluetooth which the vast majority do have nowadays you can print away without even needing a wireless network close by!

What’s also a really important factor is the fact that they’re portable, portable items is pure convenience. It means that when your daughter needs to be printing of a lot of work for her coursework you can just put the printer in her room for the night. If you usually have the printer in the kitchen but like to remove it when guests come round, it’s now as simple as picking it up and moving it, there’s no need for wires, cables and plugs any longer!

But one major factor which I think is important above all is how families which only have one printer are affected. Most families tend to only have one printer, and it puts a massive burden on whoever is unlucky enough to have the printer in their room/office. It means everyone who wants something printing now has to go to them, and their work becomes your work.

With a wireless portable printer, it’s irrelevant where you are in the house, you just hit print, and as long as you’re connected to the wireless network which most people are all the time then hey presto! That’s it, you hit print and collect what you need from wherever in the house the printer is from. No more hassle or stress – pure convenience.